Sunday, April 8, 2012

Warts and All

Mirrors lie. Cameras are more likely to tell us the truth. Think about it.

Have you ever noticed that it is less painful to look in the mirror than to look at a close-up photo taken when you were unaware? You know, one of those candid, untouched pictures. For most of us, looking at a photo is far more painful than looking in a mirror.

The reason is that we can fool the mirror. We can move around until we find a complimentary vantage point. Yes, we see the bumps, the wrinkles, the bulges, the imperfections, but we can minimize the damage by adjusting the angle at which we look at ourselves.

Cameras, on the other hand, refuse to protect us from the truth. They expose us. They show us as we really are - warts and all.

We all need a friend who is more like a camera than a mirror - someone we cannot fool-– someone who truly knows us.

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