Friday, April 27, 2012

Treasures, Baggage or Garbage

Someone once suggested that everything in life can be placed in one of three categories: Treasures, baggage, or garbage.
Treasures are those things, experiences, and people which strengthen us. They add to our identity, security, and pleasure. They are the things we value most.
Baggage is those things we carry with us but are not essential to the journey. They have to do with externals rather than internals, desires instead of needs.
Garbage is the junk we are better off without. These are the things we should throw away, the relationships we ought to abandon.
Spend some time thinking about these three categories. What are the things and properties you would consider treasures, baggage, and garbage? The next time you experience a loss, ask yourself which category the loss represents. I think you'll discover there are not nearly as many treasures as you once thought.

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