Monday, April 23, 2012

King of the Hill

I grew up in Cedar Bayou, Texas, and our favorite recess game was King of the Hill. Here is how you played the game: You stand on top of a dirt mound and yell, "King of the Hill." All the boys would immediately dog-pile the newly crowned king. Folks would push, pull, and punch the king until he was dethroned.

Recess lasted only a few minutes, and usually several people stood on the top of the mound during the period. Glory was always short-lived.

Years after we left the playground, we continued to play King of the Hill. It was no longer about standing on top of a dirt mound. It was about competing in school, in relationships, in our professions.

There seems to be something hard-wired into the male soul that needs to compete and conquer. When will we realize this competition kills relationships?

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